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Anyone who loves to be around water should try freediving. Freediving allows you to experience the peace of being underwater by taking one single breath! Becoming an excellent freediver does take a lot of practice; it is a sport anyone can get involved. The following tips will help you get started as a freediver!

Never Dive Alone

This is the most important thing to remember when it comes to any water-related activity. The buddy system should never be disregarded because it could save your life. It is important to watch out for each other. The second set of eyes from your diving partner will help when it comes to diving in murky, shallow, and deep waters. Besides diving with a partner allows you to share your findings and is much more fun than diving alone!

Take a Freedive Course

Before jumping into the water, taking a freediver course will teach you what your body has the capacity of doing while in the water. These courses will introduce you to the basic elements of diving and will also help build your confidence if you are unsure of freediving. Courses will also often give you an idea of areas to dive and will go over important safety measures that you should follow every time you are in the water.


One of the biggest keys to freediving is relaxation. To conserve oxygen while diving, it is important to take deep, slow, calm breaths to lower your heart rate. If you are too tense while diving, your body is going to use up your oxygen supply and burn energy quicker. Freediving courses offer a variety of different breathing and relaxation techniques to help you fully understand your body when you dive.


A great way to prepare for a dive is practice visualization. Visualize peaceful surroundings, and happy things and your mind will quickly start to relax your body and begin to lower your heart rate. It is also important to visualize your dive step by step before getting into the water. 

Learn From Everyone

As you continue to dive, watch other divers and ask them questions. Be a sponge and soak up every single thing they are willing to share with you. Each freediver uses different techniques to reach their diving goals, and learning from different individuals can help you reach your own goals quicker!

Remember, you do not have to be an athlete to excel at freediving. The sport is more about relaxation than strength. The goal of diving is to connect with the water and enjoy your surroundings!