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Eric Hulsman


Eric Hulsman


While Eric Hulsman may be a Georgia-based real estate professional, he is a family man and adventurer at heart. Eric loves nearly any activity that allows him to spend time in the great outdoors with his wife and children.

Eric Hulsman fuels his travel and sports hobbies through his entrepreneurial and real estate endeavors and is currently the Managing Member and President of several companies he founded. Regardless of how busy work or his hobbies may make him, Eric always finds the time to give back to his community as well.

Eric Hulsman cannot remember a time in his life where he was not living near a large body of water. Eric spent part of his childhood in Michigan with access to the Great Lakes and grew up hearing stories of the famed shipwrecks beneath the surface of several of the lakes. After moving to Florida, and much warmer waters, his passion for water-related activities increased. During his time as a student at the University of Miami and the University of Florida, Eric learned to SCUBA dive and developed what has become a lifelong passion for the sport.

During college, Eric fondly remembers quality time spent on his father’s boat and has continued the tradition with his family. In between semesters, Eric would spend all of his free time diving, spearfishing, lobster diving, and enjoying days out to sea. Today, Eric Hulsman has several boats and takes pride in passing on his knowledge of boating, fishing, and water sports to his sons. While diving is a great passion of his, Eric prefers the excitement of spearfishing over site-seeing. The pursuit of diving with a purpose gives him a sense of fulfillment that drives him to become not only a better diver but a better teacher to his sons in hopes that they will also enjoy it and join him frequently.

In the winter, Eric Hulsman and his family enjoy cold weather sports such as skiing. They frequently travel to Colorado, specifically Vail or Breckenridge, to hit the slopes.

When Eric Hulsman isn’t heavily involved in his businesses or off diving, he thoroughly enjoys volunteering in his community and donating to causes in which he truly believes. Eric has a long history of donating to local organizations, especially those that benefited impoverished neighborhoods in which he invests such as Christmas donations for underprivileged children and developing blighted donated land into a sports field for neighborhood children.

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