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Denver, Colorado is a city in which the historic mixes well with the modern. It is also a location that appeals to both the lovers of the cultured and the rugged life. Whether you are driving through from the airport to head into the mountains or staying for a long weekend, Denver is the perfect city to spend a couple of days exploring!

Larimar Square

With its history in mind, visitors to Denver may wish to start at the beginning: Larimar Square, the place where Denver was founded. This city was the location of the first pioneer camp where gold was initially discovered. There is a website which tells of the events, such as art exhibits, comedy shows, performances, and street events.

City Park

Denver’s City Park was also once a mining camp. Now it one of the city’s most popular places to visit as it is the location of the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. There are boat rentals and a golf course. Tourists can rent boats and navigate the lake themselves. There are free musical concerts in the summer.

Coors Field

Interestingly, dinosaur fossils were found during the construction of Mile High stadium where home runs are easily hit because baseballs travel farther in high altitudes. Coors Field is the perfect spot to catch a game during baseball season, or just take a tour during the offseason.

Scenic Mountain Tours

After a day of activities in the city, tourists can experience the outdoors on a full day guided tour of the surrounding areas. The drive through Morrison on the way up into Bear Creek Canyon is picturesque as the vistas change. There are sandstone cliffs at Red Rocks Amphitheater and dense forests that have Burr Oaks capable of growing as high as 50 feet. A drive up to Bear Creek Canyon is one that has a changing landscape. There are green vistas and the sparkling waters of Echo Lake. Other scenic sites are Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods where dazzling red rock formations blaze in the sunlight. Farther on, the guide drives through old mining towns where tourists can hear tales of local legends that were part of the colorful past of the state.

Museum Tours

Denver has a variety of museums for any art, history, science lover. From the Buffalo Bill Museau to the Molly Brown Museum, downtown Denver is the perfect spot to spend the afternoon museum hopping. There is also the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Nature & Science.

Breweries, Speakeasies, and Jazz

Tourists can visit Denver’s distilleries and taste whiskey made in the Rockies. The prohibition-era LoDo neighborhood is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a speakeasy and listen to live jazz music.