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When most people go fishing, they tend to fish off a pier, a boat or stand on the banks of a body of water. But if you are looking to change up your fishing routine, the next best thing to try is spearfishing. While it is sustainable and affordable, spearfishing is considered a tougher fishing medium and takes practice to improve your aim.


Before even jumping in the water to fish, it is important to remember that you are diving with sharks, eels and other types of underwater creatures. Divers can also get caught up in stray fishing nets and face the danger of drowning. Regardless of your spearfishing capabilities, following these tips will help make sure you have a safe and successful spearfishing adventure.


Never Dive Alone

This should go without saying, but always practice complete safety when diving. Regardless of your skill level or your diving ability, you should always dive with someone. Divers can suffer a lack of oxygen and blackout while under water. If a diver blacks out while under, whoever they are diving with only has 2 minutes to act before the brain is permanently damaged.


Research Dive Spots

It is important to do your research into different dive spots before heading out to spearfish for the first time. Some spots are more shallow, have calmer water and are easier to dive in when you are just learning. More experienced divers will look for spots with rougher currents, and tougher terrains which are unsafe for inexperienced divers. Another excellent resource for finding spots as a beginner is to talk to anyone at your local dive shop when you are shopping for supplies. Not only are they going to be able to share tips for your first time out, but they will be able to tell you spots based on your skill level.


Find a Spearfishing Mentor

A mentor is a great way to learn the ins and outs of spearfishing. Tag along with them when they go diving and ask them questions. The longer they’ve been diving, the more information they will be able to share with you. Not only will they be able to share their tips and techniques with you, but they will also introduce you to other individuals who also spearfish. This is a great way to build a spearfishing network as well as find new spots to dive!


Purchase the Correct Gear

Spearfishing does not require a ton of gear, but it does require the right gear. It is important to buy good quality gear. Spending the additional money on nice gear will help when you are diving in less than optimal water temperatures.


Make Yourself Small

Fish have terrible eyesight and can only make out your silhouette. The key to spearfishing is to stay small. If you appear large to the fish, they will be scared off and instantly swim away from you making it hard to hit them. Minimizing your silhouette as you approach a fish is the best way to make sure you have a successful fishing trip.
Becoming a great spear fisherman does not happen overnight. To make sure your fishing trips are successful, it is important to practice! The more you can get into the water and develop your skills, the better your skill set will become!