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Fall enables Mother Nature to put on a dazzling display when trees, shrubbery and other foliage start changing color. The event takes place across the country. However, the lush forests in certain areas create a more dramatic scene. If in the mood for a road trip, there are a number of destinations you might consider visiting to enjoy the autumn displays.

Last Green Valley Byway – Connecticut

Route 169 passes through the Natchaug and the Pachaug State Forests. The highway remains a popular fall road trip in the eastern part of Connecticut for the array of colors presented. Deep greens, golden yellows and ruby reds are all visible from the road. However, the locations also provide the chance to stop, do some hiking and perhaps have a picnic. Along with nature’s beauty, the route also features historic homes, stone walls and other iconic buildings.

Lake Superior Circle Route – Michigan

The route in the Western Upper Peninsula extends for 1,300 miles and encompasses the largest freshwater lake in the country. The Black River Scenic Byway section of the circle takes visitors below cascading waterfalls surrounded by brilliantly colored fall foliage. Highway 519 ventures to Porcupine Mountains State Park for the chance to take a leisurely stroll along one of the many trails to enjoy the sights.

The Great River Road – Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee

The 3,000-mile road follows the path of the Mississippi River through Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee. The forested areas along the shoreline transform in the fall to an amazing array of colors spanning green, yellow, orange and red hues of the rainbow. There are also many interesting towns, historic sites and attractions to visit along the way. Take a ride on an authentic riverboat and gaze upon nature’s spectacle. Perhaps go hiking or horseback riding through the forests.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

The park exists 76 miles northwest of Denver and is a stunning place to visit year-round. But, in the fall, the golden aspen leaves contrast against the dark green of the conifers and the bright blue sky. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails to explore and take in the views. Drive along Trail Ridge Road to the peak and enjoy the landscape in all directions. The location also features various places to stop and grab a bite to eat along the way.